Jumble Sale 2 1sOn Friday, the 1st of March 2013, all the students of year five organized a Jumble Sale at the Gymnasium Riedberg. It took place in the fifth and sixth lesson. The money we made will go to an association that helps young cancer patients and their families (Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V.).


5d's Jumble Sale

The 5d, Ms Loges’ class, made 56, 70 € alone. All in all, it’s over 400 Euros we are able to donate. Ms Henderson taught the pupils of the 5d how to buy and sell things in English. In the sixth lesson the students from year six came to us and also bought some things. Every student had three pins and some parents made sure that we only spoke English. When we spoke German we lost a pin. This method worked really well. All the six forms in year five sold things. Many students sold books. But there were many nice things and even cake. At least one student had to stay at the stall to sell things while the other students went to another classroom to buy things.

by Johannes Barz and Luisa Hofmann 5d

JumbleSale2013 5a 3 Kopie  JumbleSale2013 5a 1 Kopie